The Jaguar XJ vs. The Audi A8: Comparing Two Large Luxury Sedans

Over the past couple of years, advancements in automotive design, engineering, and technology have produced luxury sedans that are so perfectly tailored to drivers and passengers that relaxing is just as easy on the go as it is in your house; so relaxing that at the end of your journey, no matter the distance travelled, you feel rejuvenated and probably wish it had taken longer. Premium materials, copious amounts of room, smart features, and, under it all, powerful engines, make this class capable of delivering the luxury drivers deserve.

Car shoppers are presented with several options in this class, so to help our customers through the process of finding the right one, we've compared one of our favorite models, the Jaguar XJ, and a worthy opponent, the Audi A8. Read on to see how they stack up.

What areas does the Jaguar XJ excel in?


The Jaguar XJ is more competitively priced than the Audi A8 not only because of its lower starting price, $75,400 compared to the A8's starting price of $82,500, but also because of the amazing features that come standard in it. These range from a panoramic sunroof with power blinds, which the Audi A8 doesn't come with, to blind spot monitoring, which is optional on the A8.


There are actually two models of the Jaguar XJ, a standard wheelbase and a long wheelbase, but each provides a spacious cabin that is easy to stretch out in. The models have the same amount of leg room for front seat passengers, which is more than the Audi A8 offers, but the long wheel base adds nearly 5 inches of leg room to the rear for a total of 44.1 inches that even taller passengers will find is more than enough, and again an area where the Jaguar XJ beats the Audi A8.

This is just the start of what makes the design of the Jaguar XJ so exceptional. Drivers also will find a larger trunk space than the Audi A8 offers, but its use of lightweight materials gives even the larger Jaguar XJ a curb weight that is 300 pounds under the lightest Audi A8, which means acceleration is more easily felt and handling is improved.


Each model gives you options when it comes to the engine that makes it go, but again it's an area where the Jaguar XJ has a clear advantage. Its standard engine has more horsepower than the Audi A8's, and the Jaguar XJ offers an awe-inspiring 575-horspower V8 engine packed with 517 pound-feet of torque, which are both much higher than the Audi A8's top specs of 450 horsepower and 444 pound-feet of torque. If you're looking to sit on the edge of your premium leather seat, then the Jaguar XJ is the way to go.


We've already discussed some of the features that set the Jaguar XJ apart, but there are even more that aid with convenience and entertainment on every ride. Its standard 10.2-inch InControl® Touch Pro™ multimedia system is larger and easier to use than the system of the Audi A8, its available Merfidian Reference 1300-watt Digital Sound system produces crisper notes, and it offers heated and ventilated seats while the A8 only offers heating. Plus, the Jaguar XJ is available with features like rear-seat screens for watching movies and an adaptive front lighting system that you won't find in any Audi A8. Whether the features are a step above or not available in competition, the Jaguar XJ reaches a level of luxury that few cars can match.


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