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How To Use The InControl Touch Pro Duo Infotainment System

The new InControl Touch Pro Duo System for the Jaguar I-PACE Electric SUV is among the most advanced automotive infotainment systems in the world.  From navigation to media to connectivity, the InControl Touch Pro Duo System integrates industry-leading convenience, comfort, and safety right into your I-PACE experience.

TouchScreen Adds Intelligent Voice Control

The 10-inch touchscreen display is the hub of your InControl Touch Pro Duo System. It controls your maps, media, and settings with swipe and zoom controls similar to any smart device.  The display can be expanded with up to four customized home screens.

Its intelligent voice recognition technology lets you use hands-free control to keep your eyes on the road. An optional Head-Up Display presents your vehicle's speed and navigation data in full-color graphics on your windshield.  A 5.5-inch side screen works independently of the main screen to store your media settings, contact lists, and common navigation routes.

Its navigation settings are backed by the Navigation Pro feature, which learns your regular routes around Huntington, NY, and on Long Island. That way it can update you with traffic and other information about your commute.  Navigation Pro lets you display maps in either 2D or 3D. Zoom the Huntington map to find detailed information such as road topology, speed limits, and other factors.

The lower screen also controls all climate settings for you and your passengers. Front and rear climate controls are separate.  The screen is equipped with two dials that control heating and cooling for the overall environment. The dials can be pressed down to control heating and cooling for the seats. If you pull the dial rims out, you can set the fan speed.  The Meridian Audio system also provides a best-in-class hi-fi media experience throughout the cabin.

Smartphone Compatibility for Apple and Android

The system's smartphone pack is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. You simply connect your device via USB and use the InControl Touch Pro Duo System to apps via the touchscreen.

Battery Charging from the Home Screen

The main display screen also displays charging information for the EV battery. Press the MyEV Widget, and the InControl Touch Pro Duo System lights up with information about your current battery charge level and a variety of related options.  The MyEV Widget uses the current battery charge state to calculate the predicted range before your next charge.

It integrates with other vehicle data systems to provide extensive information about charging for you. For example, it will tell you when you will need another charge based on the time you will be traveling.  During charging, you can preset the condition of the car so that the cabin is heating or cooling during the charging period. This means you can arrange for your comfort without using any of the vehicle's expected range.  The MyEV Widget even lets your program preferred charging times so you can set the vehicle to charge during off-peak utility rates.

Control Your I-PACE Through the Jaguar InControl App

The Jaguar InControl Remote app puts all of the InControl Touch Pro Duo System's function on your smartphone or enabled device.  The app puts you in charge of remote climate control, locking and unlocking, and vehicle location in case your I-PACE goes missing.

The InControl App includes Jaguar's assistance feature, which provides your location and diagnostic data. In the case of a breakdown or emergency, the InControl App has your back.  You can also use the InControl app through Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant. You can ask Alexa about the vehicle's battery status, estimated range, and door locking status.

InControl Touch Pro Duo System for Convenience and Safety

The InControl Touch Pro Duo System system is purpose-designed to make your I-PACE driving experience as convenient and safe as possible.How will you use the InControl Touch Pro Duo System? Stop by Jaguar Huntington for a test drive and find out for yourself.  We look forward to meeting you!


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