Check Engine Lights on Jaguar Cars & SUVs

A Check Engine Light is a warning that there is a serious issue with your Jaguar's drivetrain. If your Jaguar vehicle has a Check Engine Light (CEL), we strongly advise that you stop driving the vehicle immediately, and call our Service Center. Continuing to drive with a Check Engine Light can cause further damage to the vehicle.

The following are some common causes for your Check Engine Light that the trained technicians at Jaguar Huntington's Service Center can quickly diagnose and address.

Sensors May Need To Be Replaced

Your Jaguar contains critical sensors that monitor conditions necessary for optimal engine output. The oxygen (O2) sensor keeps tabs on the unused oxygen moving through your exhaust system for optimal fuel efficiency. If you need a new O2 sensor, your car will burn excess gas and fail emissions testing.

Another related sensor is the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF). The MAF assesses the air entering your engine and regulates airflow to maximize performance. A Faulty MAF can cause stalling, rough idling, and reduced fuel economy.

Jaguar Huntington's professional technicians can quickly diagnose and detect exactly which sensor is faulty and replace it. 

Key Components May Need To Be Replaced

If your Jaguar's gas cap is damaged, loose, or missing, your fuel tank may not maintain proper pressure. The gas cap also prevents hydrocarbons from escaping into the atmosphere where they can contribute to acid rain and other forms of air pollution. A loose or broken gas cap can trigger a Check Engine Light.

Worn spark plugs and plug wires can also cause a Check Engine Light. These critical components make combustion possible by igniting, or sparking, your Jaguar car's fuel and air. If you run your vehicle with non-firing spark plugs, your engine can't run smoothly and could fail. Faulty spark plugs or plug wires should be professionally replaced immediately.

Safe driving requires a functioning catalytic converter. This component changes hazardous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. If you fail to replace an ailing catalytic converter, you can expect stalling and eventual engine failure.

Faulty components on your Jaguar causing a Check Engine Light should be replaced as soon as possible to reduce the risk of further damage to your vehicle. When you notice a Check Engine Light, call the expert service team at Jaguar Huntington. Our team can quickly find and replace any faulty components. 

Service Required

If your Jaguar has a Check Engine Light, we welcome you to see us in Huntington, NY. Our professional Service team can get you back on the road fast.


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