The Jaguar XF vs. The BMW 5-Series: The Luxury Sedans Battle It Out

Finding the right place to start on the road to buying your next car can be a difficult and infuriating task, but we're here to help. Car shoppers often start their search by finding the type of car they want and then comparing the most popular models in that class, so to help our customers interested in the luxury sedan class, we've highlighted how one of the models on our lot, the Jaguar XF, stacks up to a competitor, the BMW 5-Series.

The Jaguar XF has all the style aspects you expect from the British manufacturer, and it's sure to catch the attention of onlookers when you make your way into the city, but its luxury spreads way beyond its cosmetics. Smart, powerful, and roomy, it adapts to each passenger and each ride to consistently deliver an enjoyable ride, so keep reading to see how it compares.

What sets the Jaguar XF apart from the BMW 5-Series?


The Jaguar XF is competitively priced so that you get more bang for your buck than with the BMW 5-Series. It has a lower starting price, $47,775, than the BMW 5-Series, $52,650, and there is less of a price jump if you're interested in the higher trim levels. On top of this, the Jaguar XF comes standard features, like a 380-watt Meridian™ sound system, that the BMW 5-Series can't match the quality of.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and both models in this comparison are sleek and stylish, but there are several design features that give the Jaguar XF an edge. For one, it's available as either a sedan or a station wagon, called the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, which both provide more cargo room than the BMW 5-Series. Additionally, it's lighter than the BMW 5-Series, so it's easier to handle and the power is more easily felt when accelerating.


There are several engine options available for each of these models, including a diesel offering for each if you're interested, and, while they are fairly similar, again the Jaguar XF comes out on top. When looking at the engines that come standard, both being 2.0-liter four-cylinders, you'll find that the BMW 5-Series has the smallest edge possible for horsepower, 248 vs 247 horsepower in the Jaguar XF, but falls short in torque, 258 pound-feet compared to 269 pound-feet in the Jaguar XF, and fuel efficiency, which means you'll jump off the line faster and spend less on fuel with the Jaguar XF.

When comparing the most powerful engines of the Jaguar XF and the non-M Performance BMW 5-Series models, you'll find an even greater difference in power. Their 3.0-liter six-cylinder offerings deliver blood-pumping power, but you'll find much more horsepower, 380, in the Jaguar XF than the BMW 5-Series, 335 horsepower, and more torque that kicks in at lower engine speeds, so you reach peak output from the get-go. If thrills are what your seek, it's easier to find them in the Jaguar XF.


Luxury sedans provide luxury features, and both models have a lot to offer. Multi-way adjustable seats with heating and driver's seat memory systems, easy-to-use infotainment systems, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and driver-assistance systems are available in each, but features in the Jaguar XF, like the 17-square foot panoramic moonroof, head-up display, hands-free rear liftgate, and driver-condition monitor, are either more convenient, or not available, than those of the BMW 5-Series.

There are some aspects of car shopping that come down to taste, but we think that drivers will find more to enjoy about the Jaguar XF, so if it sounds like the ideal car for you, visit our showroom today to see it in person!



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